Cheater: Shaquille O'Neal
Date Of Affair: Winter 2007 - July 2008

The jokes of "Shaq Attack" came pouring down but the allegations were no laughing matter when Alexis Miller, an Atlanta-based rapper who goes by the stage name MaryJane, took out a restraining order against Shaquille O'Neal in August 2008 for allegedly stalking and threatening her after the two broke up. She also accused Shaq Fu of putting the word out that he'd pay other hip-hop artists $50 G's each not to work with her. Eventually, the two settled their differences and the restraining order was lifted. Having gone their separate ways, Miller, a short-haired vixen with nice thick thighs, did keep a permanent reminder of O'Neal in the form of a Superman crest tattooed on her left arm, which is strikingly similar to the Man of Steel tat Shaq has rocked for ages.