Director: Brian Dannelly
Stars: Jena Malone, Mandy Moore, Macaulay Culkin, Patrick Fugit, Heather Matarazzo, Eva Amurri, Mary-Louise Parker
Lesson Learned: Religion divides as much as it unifies; call it the Bill Maher Theory.

Any cynic who's either graduated from or currently attending a Catholic school should be able to appreciate Saved!, a satirical look at overly religious high school students. The topical comedy focuses on a clique of teenage girls known as the “Christian Jewels,” who proudly flaunt their God-fearing beliefs every chance they get; one of the girls, Mary (Jena Malone), undergoes a crisis of faith, though, when her boyfriend says that he might be gay.

Without crossing the line into insensitive meanness, Saved! then sets its sights on Christianity's views on homosexuality and out-of-wedlock pregnancy, playing the former issue for laughs in a dream sequence that features Jesus telling Mary how to, in God's son's eyes, alleviate her guy's man-on-man urges. Fortunately, Saved! never feels too preachy.

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