Director: Hart Bochner
Stars: Jeremy Piven, David Spade, Chris Young, Megan Ward, Jon Favreau, Alex Desert, Jessica Walter
Lesson Learned: When visiting college campuses as a high school senior, never pass up the opportunities to romance co-eds and piss off all student coalitions. It's a guaranteed good time.

Skipping class to throw ground chuck at hippie-ish vegans. Playing in organized Frisbee matches instead of studying. Getting completely shit-faced at an epic frat party. That all sounds like what you wish your collegiate experience was like, doesn't it? That's certainly the case for us, which is why PCU holds up as not only one of the most underrated '90s comedies, but also an unintentionally fantastical school flick.

Jeremy Piven perfected his cooler-than-you, snarky shtick as the seemingly middle-aged head of a slackers' fraternity, which exists solely to piss off every other student group on campus, especially a band of WASP-y young republicans led by David Spade. Piven's character is an academically minded enrollee's roommate nightmare; for those able to appreciate the importance of keg stands, though, he's the ultimate antihero.

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