4. P.O.V. at the W Washington D.C.

CITY: Washington D.C.
ADDRESS: 515 15th St.
WEBSITE: starwoodhotels.com

This place could be a hole in the wall and we’d still go for the unmatched views of the White House and capital city’s finest architecture. Luckily, P.O.V. is not a grimy hole in the wall, but an indoor bar/outdoor terrace with a unique take on keeping your drink cold: you can choose from ice that is cubed, shaved, chipped, in pellets, or pretty much any other way you like it, except as an ice sculpture of a swan (everyone has limits). There’s also a fresh fruit and veggie juicing station for those who prefer their sips mixed with something fresh and natural. But it wouldn’t be a W Hotel bar if there weren’t enough wines by-the-glass to keep everyone happy.