24. Starlite Lounge at Riviera Resort & Spa

CITY: Palm Springs, Calif.
ADDRESS: 1600 North Indian Canyon Dr.
WEBSITE: www.psriviera.com

Live music and a billiards table that is extravagant to an ignorant degree are the most recognizable features of the Starlite. In the style of many a hipster bar, the 30 -foot video wall behind the bar silently screens classics that act like moving paintings, pushing your classy cocktail experience to NASA-type heights. The color palette draws on pinks and reds, the colors that make you feel cozy, wrapped up. It's the kind of scene that makes you forget money is sometimes best kept in your pocket. You'll be all like, "Nah, I think this green really brings out the rose accents along the ceiling trim." And you'll toss down more.