Sometimes, late at night, you get on the wrong train car. You step inside, feel the blast of mouthy transit A/C, and it isn't until the doors close that you realize you're totally vulnerable at this hostile hour. The car seems to seethe with violence. It's what makes life ugly and beautiful at the same time—how close we are at all times to serious danger. When this video opens, the dude is already talking shit—his first big mistake—riling his drunk fellow passengers. In no time he's surrounded, being asked who he'd prefer hits him first. They introduce him to the queen of this, the goddess of that. The whole time you're begging him to just keep his mouth shut, to switch cars at the next stop, make it home in one unmolested piece. Instead he stands up, hurls threats, epithets, and the like. Instantly, five girls are on top of him. And not in a fun, slippery way.