When the surface blur isn’t good enough to single out a massive zit or black eye, using the clone stamp and healing brush will cure it away. Here’s how to use them correctly.

  • Create a new layer by going to Layer > New... > Layer or cmd+shift+n.
  • Go to the clone stamp on your tools palette. Make sure the Sample menu on top reads “Current and Below”. This allows you to work on top of your image rather than on it directly, making it easier to fix mistakes.
  • The Clone tool is basically a copy and paste, but with the copy being of relative distance to the pasting area. Holding alt brings up a crosshair; this is where you’re copying from. Clicking anywhere after that sets the copy/paste distance. Soften your brush and lower the opacity to smooth it out a bit.
  • The Spot Healing Brush is a more detailed way to clean up skin. Just click on the area you want to blend into the area around it. Trial and error is best here, but using a soft-edged brush is key.

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