We don't find it at all hyperbolic to say Photoshop changed the design game. Designed by a University of Michigan PhD student by the name of Thomas Knoll at the behest of his brother—and Industrial Light and Magic employee—John, Photoshop has become synonymous with image editing. Now owned by Adobe, the software and in its 12th iteration, the program is the undisputed bedrock of the design industry. 

More impressive than its dominance in the design world is the power it has given to those not in that world. Yes, Photoshop costs $700, but once you have it, you're rocking with the same software that every professional, in all corners of the globe uses. Where as before you would need to entire design labs complete with darkrooms, now all you need is a MacBook Pro and Photoshop. 

But the software is only as good as the person who uses it. So, to help those of you who want to start getting your design on, we've put together 25 Photoshop Tricks That You Should Know. 

By Ben Liddle