Network: ABC
Stars: Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor, Annie Ilonzeh
Premiere Date: September 22
Why we’re excited: The fall 2011 season is chockfull of female-led sitcoms, so why not an hour-long action-adventure? One that’s a reboot of a classic TV show from the late 1970s that has already been remixed in two feature films, no less. We’re not so sure. For shallow starters, the threesome at the center of the new Charlie’s Angels isn’t as hot as any version of the original trio (six actresses were featured over five years) or the Drew Barrymore/Lucy Liu/Cameron Diaz trifecta; Minka Kelly might be the sexiest of all of Charlie’s past angels, but her co-stars (Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh) are slacking.

But now onto the positive side. Charlie’s Angels 2011 seems to follow the blueprint set by CBS’ successful re-imagining of Hawaii Five-0: keep the action prominent and the humor consistent. Early word on ABC’s all-girl private investigation squad isn’t strong, but the proposition of watching Minka Kelly tote guns and kick ass should satiate our interests for the time being.

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