Director: Ben Wheatley
Stars: Neil Maskell, MyAnna Buring, Harry Simpson
Release Date: To Be Determined
Why we’re excited: Every movie season needs that one foreign horror movie inadvertently designed to show stateside audiences how real terror is done. The closest we got to such an eye-opener this summer was the devastating Spanish home invasion flick Kidnapped, but that one didn’t register too far beyond die-hard genre heads. As we head into fall, the potential surrounding Britain’s Kill List seems much more promising; having wowed critics the world over at various film festivals, writer-director Ben Wheatley’s inscrutable showstopper was picked up by IFC Midnight earlier this year for release before year’s end. The sooner, the better.

Spoilers have been light so far, which is appreciated, but here’s what we do know about Kill List: Part crime drama and part Wicker Man-like cult downer, Wheatley’s genre hybrid is about a Brit (Neil Maskell) who becomes a contract killer alongside a friend, and their hitmen exploits lead them to an occultist group, or so we think. Nevertheless, the mystery hovering around Kill List is quite compelling, and the film’s trailer does a great job of establishing a dark mood without giving anything away. Now we just need a damn release date.