18. 67 Burger

Address: 67 Lafayette Ave., Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Website: 67burger.com

This spot grills quite a juiced-up patty, bun soaking in fact. It's a great start to what can be a great burger, depending on which of their choices you decide on. The Southwestern, for example, has a nice spicy kick to it, with roasted peppers, chipotle mayo, and pepper jack cheese. It’s an amazing burger. But 67 Burger offers some not-so-sure shots: Skip the Parisian and the Italian.

But even with the lesser items, 67 Burger makes one thing obvious: Toasted bun are underrated. Just a little bit of crunch can dress up an otherwise uninspiring burger, especially when it ends up soaked in beef juice.

67 Burger quirk: the back has a garage door that opens up for a view of...nothing. There's a brick wall and a stairwell that leads to...nowhere! It’s quite strange. It might even be cool.

Photo by Robyn Lee