19. Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Address: Various locations (check website)
Website: fiveguys.com

An interloper on the NYC burger scene (the chain got its start in the D.C. area), Five Guys is the anti-Shake Shack, albeit with a slightly similar burger. No breezy outdoor seating, no special sauce, and no shakes (not to mention no wine), Five Guys is the throwback diner to Shake Shack's nouveau roadside stand. But this is about the burgers, so, let's talk about them shits.

Both SS and FG achieve that flakey consistency that's the hallmark of great chain burgers (think In N' Out), but where Shake Shack is dainty, Five Guys is bull-in-the-china-shop big, all ungainly beef outcroppings and dripping cheese. It's a mouthful that's probably not suited to al fresco dining, but these are burgers we're talking here—if a few tchotckes get knocked on the floor, so be it.