21. 5 Napkin Burger

Address: Various locations (check website)
Website: 5napkinburger.com

5 Napkin can get loud and crowded at the Hell’s Kitchen location. The restaurant has a modern look to it, like it’s trying to be chic so that burgers will be cool. The thing is, burgers are already cool. They’re actually fucking awesome. 

This burger, in fact, requires the use stacks on stacks of napkins, on account of how wet and greasy it is. It's also a heavyweight amongst gourmet burgers, weighing in at 10 ounces, which appeals to the burger lover's desire for a completely full stomach.

The ground chuck 5 Napkin comes with Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, and a rosemary aioli. The aioli doesn’t overpower the meat, and it pairs well with the gruyere. The bun is above average, though not spectacular, beginning to fall apart by meal's end, which probably has to do with all the juice a 10 ounce burger can produce. But the meat and cheese complement each other so well, you could eat it without the bun if you wanted to.