23. Park Slope Ale House

Address: 356 Sixth Ave., Park Slope, Brooklyn
Website: parkslopealehouse.com

Put an inexperienced cook on grill duty during a backyard barbecue and you're liable to end up with burgers that shrink down and get crunchy black. They're crisp on the top and the initial bites smack of charcoal. Park Slope Ale House flips the script on this by offering blackened burgers, slightly similar in texture, though the crunch becomes a mark of deliciousness rather than ineptitude, as the charcoal flavor has been replaced by a thick rind of Cajun seasoning. This burger is blackened like catfish, not like what your dopey Uncle Steve does when he wields fire.

The Ale House encourages you to make your own decisions, so after making the right choice by getting the burger Cajun style, decide to put some bleu cheese in your life. It melts perfectly across the scorched top of the patty. So pretty.