1. Peaches HotHouse

Address: 415 Tompkins Ave., Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Website: peacheshothouse.com

This establishment in Bed Stuy calls itself “an urban ‘country cafe,’” (we'd also add "soul food spot" to that—it made our list of 10 Soul Food Spots You Should Know) and that's a damn good description. Peaches is a tiny restaurant that pulls off an incredibly cozy vibe, complete with a friendly, knowledgeable staff. And the blues music in the background fits perfectly with the Southern cuisine and their signature Nashville-style hot chicken. 

But let’s talk about the burger, because this is a burger list and this is the best the city has to offer. Oh, and almost nobody knows about it. A recent menu change has put a new topping on the hamburger at Peaches HotHouse: crispy chicken skin. In other words, they've changed the game. The crispy chicken skin from a place that has fried chicken on lock will now top your burger. And it’s incredible. Not to mention that thee natural-beef burger tastes delicious on its own. Plus, you can get a heaping portion of sauteed mushrooms and onions as additional toppings that the server will bring out to you in a small side dish, cooked to perfection. Add as much as you like.

One more thing: Order a side of fried chicken. That ensures you're in for one of the best meals of your life.