2. Peter Luger Steak House

Address: 178 Broadway, South Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Website: peterluger.com

You can only order the burger at lunch, and lunch ends at 3 p.m. When you do order the burger, prepare yourself for some disdainful looks from the waitstaff, which can be an illicit sort of pleasure. Like getting caught smoking pot by that friend who doesn’t like getting high. 

Peter Luger serves their burger on a deliciously crispy sesame seed bun. The meat blends ground chuck and ground porterhouse to perfection. The only issue with the Peter Luger burger is that the attitude the server gives you when you order is the same attitude the kitchen staff shows to the burger. The Steak House doesn’t exacly give a fuck. Pick off the raw onion they casually toss on and just bite into that motherfucker. The staff can keep their noses in the air, it doesn't matter. You're down there with the blood, meat, and bun. You're a savage in a steak house and goddamn that feels good. Dig in.