7. Joy Burger Bar

Address: Various locations (check website)
Website: joyburgerbar.com

Joy Burger Bar has a ton of sauces, because in Joy’s own words, "It’s all about the sauces." Garlic mayo, spicy mayo, BBQ, chimichuri, pesto, dijon mustard, spicy mango chutney, honey mustard, and sweet chili. Joy Burger Bar is a build-it-yourself wet dream; they have three different sized burgers, plus turkey and veggie. And for a little extra money, you can get avocado, chili, portobello, roasted peppers, egg, or sun-dried tomatoes.

The meat is solid, with the right amount of grease, just enough to make it a little bit gross. But in a best way possible. Like having sex in a public bathroom. Add all that sauce, and these comparisons are getting to sleazy even for us. We're disgusted with ourselves. But not so much that we can't stomach another bite.

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