15. Great Jones Cafe

Address: 54 Great Jones St.
Website: greatjones.com

The Great Jones Cafe posts their menu on the wall inside, and while most choices exist as erasable chalk on a blackboard, falling prey to the cycle of brunch choices and dinner entrees, the hamburger options live forever in black paint. There’s a real confidence they place in their ground chuck burger. Charred on the outside, pink and delicate in the middle. It’s big and imposing, hovering at around 8 oz, with an expensive space ship sized bun that covers the field.

Like the paint says, Great Jones let's you dress the burger a bunch of different ways, paper doll game. Burger, Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheese Burger, Bacon Burger. But consider the rest of the menu, packed with jambalaya, po’ boys, pulled pork, and then order the Chili Burger, a dish with the soulful flare of spicy beef chili. Throw on a little bacon and you've got a meatlover’s Southern dream.