Kill cow. Eat cow. America! We are a country obsessed with the hamburger. Lettuce and tomato. Pickles and mustard. Medium rare for taste; well done for health. However you might like yours, if you're here, you're eating one. New York City is no exception. If you're craving a cheeseburger, you can find one on almost any block in the city. We've got hundreds of McDonald's. Any bodega with a grill can make a halfway decent burger to order.

But you want something better. Something served on a soft, buttery brioche roll or toasted sesame bun. Or maybe you're looking for that cheeseburger that tastes like a finely aged steak. Where do you go for the caramelized onions or sauteed jalapeños? If you're serious about your burger, we have the answers.

With a bypass surgeon on hand, we criss-crossed the city on a burger bender. We hit a few chains (gasp!), and even the outer boroughs (spoiler alert: Manhattanites are gonna have to hit a bridge or tunnel to visit our No. 1). Welcome to the 25 Best Burgers in NYC.

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