Best Music Videos: “Hold On”, En Vogue (1990); “Losing My Religion”, R.E.M. (1991)
Best Movies: The Cell (2000), The Fall (2006)

Give Tarsem Singh a mediocre script, and he’ll mold the underwritten dud into a visual goldmine. With his striking 2000 debut, The Cell, the Indian director, previously known for R.E.M.’s award-winning “Losing My Religion” video, took an intriguing premise (psychologist enters a psycho’s mind to find a missing girl) and went ballistic, using the film’s altered reality states to present gorgeous cinematography, trippy images, and lavish color schemes; at its best, The Cell is a moving art gallery. Everything else about the movie is off, though; it’s abundantly clear throughout the flick that Tarsem deserved better.

And that’s what he got with The Fall, his second movie and long overdue chance to work with a stronger screenplay. Also largely set in unreal dream-worlds, Tarsem’s sophomore flick has earned a cult status since its inconspicuous 2006 release, showcasing a filmmaker who’s more invested in eyeball treats than anything else. His next project, however, feels like a step back towards Cell-like unevenness; Immortals, a Greek gods action-adventure for the chest-bumping crowd, looks visually Tarsem-esque but also suffers from a series of trailers that seem like 300 knockoffs.