Best Music Videos: “Donkey Rhubarb”, Aphex Twin (1995); “Aerials”, System Of A Down (2002); “Sour Girl”, Stone Temple Pilots (2006)
Best Movies: Hard Candy (2005), 30 Days Of Night (2007)

We’re willing to bet that you’ve never seen any of David Slade’s old music videos before. Want to know why? Because the Brit’s vids, namely electronic stalwart Aphex Twin’s batshit “Donkey Rhubarb” and Stone Temple Pilots’ Teletubbies-minded trip in “Sour Girl,” aren’t the kinds of countdown fodder seen by widespread audiences—they’re fucked-up little oddities that don’t make it past the loyal fan-site stage.

Slade’s movies, though, have been increasing in public recognition. Hard Candy, his 2005 debut about a game of cat-and-mouse with a pedophile, wowed critics and festival goers with its ability to captivate in a single home setting through the director’s manipulative camera angles; yet, outside of indie film lovers, Hard Candy remains largely obscure. Two years later, Slade took his first shot at mainstream acceptance with the brutal vampire flick 30 Days Of Night, a solid and delightfully grim big-studio horror pic that performed marginally.

But then, last year, Slade did the unthinkable: He somehow made a Twilight movie watchable. His installment, Eclipse attempted to provide a few straightforward horror set-pieces amongst its poorly acted monster-human romance; a noble effort, if not in vain, since a filmmaker could shoot Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing on a couch for two hours and Twi-hards would buy tickets like stubs were crack rocks. But we appreciated Slade’s ambitious efforts nonetheless.

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