Network: ITV Network (in Britain); A&E (in America)
Director: Herbert Wise
Stars: Adrian Rawlins, Bernard Hepton, Pauline Moran, David Daker

Next year, Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe will make his first official leap into post-Hogwarts leading man territory with The Woman In Black, a Gothic chiller directed by British filmmaker James Watkins (whose 2008 horror flick Eden Lake deserves your eyes) that, based on its teaser trailer, looks quite good. Radcliffe’s ghost tale, about a lawyer who’s stalked by a ghostly old lady while investigating a case, also seems to abandon its source material, author Susan Hill’s same-titled 1983 novel, quite a bit.

For a more faithful adaptation, check out this 1983 made-for-British-TV creeper, a dread-soaked bit of Victorian terror that benefits greatly from freaky-looking actress Pauline Moran, who’s skeletal face and baleful eyes give each of her scenes an incredibly ominous quality. Director Herbert Wise’s take on Hill’s book might feel a little dated today, with its at times patient-testing slowness, but, for those able to appreciate slow burns, The Woman In Black ’89 disturbs right down to its unbelievably downbeat ending. We’ll be shocked if Harry Potter’s version ends the same way.