OK, so not every episode is about a kid, but a fair share are, so it's enough to count on this list. The show, which has been airing in Canada for the past four years, basically features a new mom each week who is throwing some sort of lavish, over-the-top party for their super-spoiled kid for whatever reason. It's sort of like looking into the futures of those bratty chicks on My Super Sweet 16 or something.

Take this clip, which features mom Lisa, who's throwing her son, Chase, a Vegas-inspired bar mitzvah party. As in, he's turning thirteen. "We are Vegas," Lisa insists early on, flashing her rather gaudy jewelry at the camera. "We're blingy, and we love to party." Chase seems to agree with his mom. "I love Vegas, I love the girls...the dancers...poker, the blackjack, all of it." Shit, is he even tall enough to see over the card tables?

Vegas is a beacon for all sorts of debauchery and mayhem, so is it really appropriate for a kid? Don't worry, guys, Lisa comes to realize that too during the planning process, and she throws a pretty My Super Sweet 16-worthy tantrum over it. Party still goes on though.

Yeah. Look at your life. Look at your choices.