If you were forced to read William Golding's Lord of the Flies in high school like we were—for all you slackers out there, the novel revolved around a group of kids stranded on a deserted island with no adult supervision—you would probably agree that developing a television show around that concept isn't the best idea ever. So, you know, that's exactly what producers did when it came to Kid Nation, because they're awfully responsible and stuff. "Hey, the critics are just going to have to deal with it," they probably said.

Well, they didn't. Critics tore the show apart when it was revealed that producers were sending 40 kids between the ages of eight and 15 to a completely empty town in New Mexico and leaving them to create a system of government and basically run the town themselves without any adult help. Breakdowns and existential crises abounded. Reality TV at its best and humanity at its worst.

Also, this one kid was a total asshole.