5. Melani Feinberg

Food Truck: Austin Daily Press (@AUSdailypress)

Melani wasn't technically an Austin Daily Press employee when the Texas food truck was featured in the first season, but she was still a contestant on the show and therefore qualifies for this list. She's the girlfriend of ADP co-owner Cory Nunez and, according to him, occasionally helps the actual duo out during events. She was brought on as a member of their group because the contest required three contestants per truck—and we can't say we're complaining.

You've got to love a beautiful woman who knows her way around a sandwich press and is down to lend a helping hand (generosity was common for ADP, as the trio donated about fifteen percent of their revenue to a little league team instead of keeping it to ensure their victory). Culinary prowess and a good heart—we can't lie, we're a little smitten. Sorry, Cory!