10. Kristina Repp

Food Truck: Devilicious (@Deviliciousfood)

On season two, Kristina reps for comfort food with the San Diego-based Devilicious truck, which, according to the team's introductory video, acquired its name because each employee has a bit of a devilish personality, and the food is delicious, ergo, "devilicious." Gotta love a girl with a bit of a bad streak!

Unfortunately, according to Sign on San Diego, Kristina and her partners in the business split up this past July for undisclosed reasons, and Kristina moved on to the equally awesome task of serving gourmet sandwiches to the comic book-obsessed masses during Comic-Con. Though we know the Deviliciousness won't last, we're excited to find out more about Kristina this season, 'cause girl makes bad look good.