2. Jazmina Banionis

Food Truck: Ragin' Cajun (@ragincajuncafe)

Jazmina, of the Hermosa Beach-based food truck Ragin' Cajun, wasn't in the competition terribly long (eliminated during just the second week), but damn did she make a pretty lasting impression with her peppiness and overall zest for, well, serving zesty food. The food truck is based off of the cafe of the same name located in Hermosa Beach, and at the time of the show's filming, Jazmina was both a waitress there as well as an employee at Deutsch Advertising Agency.

According to The Beach Reporter, a local newspaper there, she wasn't completely sure if she was going to participate in the show because, as it turns out, she's also a member of the Screen Actors Guild and was worried there might be a conflict of some sort. Luckily for us, there wasn't, and Jazmina took a leave of absence from work to participate in the show. Dedication!