There are many different tactics inmates and guards like use for intimidation, but, in the end, nothing works quite as well as some good old-fashioned yelling in people's faces. That seems to be the method that the inmates at Jessup Women's Prison use on the teens visiting their jail, as displayed in the video above. Each girl gets one inmate standing in front of them and staring down menacingly as another inmate talks, announcing without a doubt, "You all belong to us!"

No one seemed to make any smartass remarks about how technically they don't, so it's clear they're all scared out of their minds.

One girl, for whatever reason, can't stop smiling; we hope for decency's sake it's out of nervousness and not general smugness. She's ordered loudly to "fix [her] face now" by the same woman who proceeds to crack her knuckles intimidatingly only moments later to indicate that she's probably not someone you'd want to get into a barfight with.