In what's an odd instance of foreshadowing (for reality TV, at least), this clip starts off with one of the teens admitting to a fellow delinquent that she just wants to "fucking stab" the guard who is lecturing them at the moment, adding an "I swear!" for good measure.

"You probably shouldn't say that," the other teen wisely advises as they're all led into another room, where a pile of really shitty yet still really terrifying makeshift knives rests on a table. "This one right here," the guard says, holding a particularly pointy-looking one, "is made out of a trash bag."

"Could it kill somebody?" The girl from before asks, not quite as confident now. The guard (obviously) affirms that it can, and the color quite obviously drains from the teen's face. Shortly thereafter, another teen says something weird about having a permission slip "to carry your gun," making it clear that he's just been watching way too many movies.