Meet Gooch. She's one of her prison's most difficult inmates, due to the fact that she tends to kick and generally cause difficulties when let out of her cell. So, of course, the teens are directed to her for a little face-to-face time.

After the guard explains why there are so many papers on Gooch's cell door, the most prominent reading, "Leg Iron Control Status," seeing as she likes to bend it like Beckham with people, she asks Gooch how she's doing. Gooch doesn't care, though, instead launching into a very loud lecture about how no one wants to be where she is, and she'll see them soon if they keep on the bad track.

When one girl starts laughing, she unhappily asks for her age. "Fifteen," the girl responds, leading Gooch to do some simple math and promising to see her in three years when she's eighteen. "It's funny?" She asks, referring to the girl's laugh. "I think it's very funny to you. When you're back here, ain't no police back here! Anything goes in these rooms! When you fight, you can yell all you want to, nobody's going to hear you scream!"

The moral here: Don't fuck with Gooch.