It all stars with an inmate who's reading a newspaper clipping about a kid who was killed in a Washington, D.C., drive-by. One of the teens cuts in and asks if he can say something, a request the inmate approves. "Is that about that boy with the cornrows that was at that school? That school called, something?"

Poor kid thought he was comfortable enough with the inmates, clearly failing to remember that this is still prison, where no one's his friend. Luckily, he's got that trusty old inmate to remind him of that, very loudly.

He yells, with his eyes all wild, "No! It's about you! It's about you being in this article if you don't start thinking!" For added effect, he nearly pokes a hole through the newspaper clipping with his index finger. "It's about you being in the wrong place at the wrong time if you don't start thinking!" We think we can see tears forming in the kid's eyes, but that could be a trick of the light. Probably not.