Despite some evidence to the contrary, prison is no joke. However, some kids, as evidenced on A&E's reality show Beyond Scared Straight, don't seem to see it that way, going so far as to snicker and laugh when the subject of their criminal nature is brought up.

The show, if you're not familiar, specializes in taking troubled, delinquent teens, chosen by real counselors, and sending them to tour a real prison where they're treated practically like inmates themselves. The idea, as the title suggests, is to "scare" them out of a life of crime.

Partly based off the '79, Peter Falk-narrated documentary Scared Straight, the A&E series has been a huge success for both the network and the teens involved. Also, it's succeeded in scaring us shitless as well. Job well done on all accounts.

In honor of Beyond Scared Straight's second season premiere, tonight at 10pm ET, here are our ten favorite clips from Season One, which basically consists of asshole teens being kicked off their stolen high horses by guards and inmates alike. Stay in school, kids!