Long before comedy duos like Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly made you crack up, Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon teamed up with hilarious results in movies like The Odd Couple (1968) and The Front Page (1974). The gruff Matthau and the more sophisticated Lemmon may have played pretty much the same role in every movie they were in together, but the act never got old; even as the two of them began getting up there in years.

Perhaps their most well known movie outside of the Odd Couple was 1993’s Grumpy Old Men. The film revolved around the pair of old friends who are at each other’s throats over the love of a woman. These fights seem like they could have been choreographed for an epileptic ballerina, but remember, comedic timing is everything, and Lemmon and Matthau were the kings. It plays a little quaintly now, but Grumpy Old Men can still teach the new school how to bring the funny.