In between bathing in hundred dollar bills and having their various awards shined by lesser actors, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino occasionally appear in movies just to remind the public that they're still alive. Their uninspired performances may be more lifeless than a morgue, but people still go in droves to see these two legends on the big screen. When these two reunited in 2008, they didn't star in a rom-com or an indie drama; instead, they appeared together in Righteous Kill, a crime-drama where they play cops who may be doling out the death penalty to bad guys.

These two icons didn't exactly show off their range in this movie as they have both played these types of roles before, but their final confrontation is nothing short of classic. OK, it's not classic in a good way, but it's certainly memorable, as the chase and skirmish feature De Niro in a laughably old man athletic outfit: grey sweatpants and hoodie with high white socks and grey New Balance. We're a little surprised director Jon Avnet didn't throw some Depends on him as well.