7. Weight Room Show-Off

Movie: Final Destination 3 (2006)
Lewis’ death in Final Destination 3 is one of the franchise’s best examples of clever misdirection. Set in a weight room packed with grunting brutes, violently active machinery, and a wobbly boombox, the arrogant jock (played by the awesomely named Texas Battle) meets his maker in the least expected way possible.

Well, that’s if you’re focused on those loosely mounted swords resting above Lewis’ head as he bangs out shoulder rows and defiantly curses off the Grim Reaper. Just as Lewis verbally flips death the proverbial bird with his “I just win!” proclamations, his weight machine of choice crushes his skull like a gnat inside two clapped hands. In all, Lewis’ final scene embodies all that’s great about the best Final Destination curtain calls: it’s both insanely gory and tongue-in-cheek funny.