4. Stifler's Split Head

Movie: Final Destination (2000)
Is it silly to refer to Seann William Scott’s resume as his very own “film canon”? The term “canon,” at least in terms of Hollywood, seems more apt for the likes of Daniel Day Lewis and Meryl Streep; Scott, on the other hand, has either play Stifler or loose variations of Stifler. That is, except for Final Destination’s jumpoff movie, in which Scott plays an immature elementary school kid in a high school teen’s body.

Throughout the film, Scott panics, manically complains, and suffers through a role better suited for Dustin “Screech” Diamond. So it’s a good thing that the actor, whom we otherwise like, at least gets to die in a magnificent way. His fatality comes after a rather well-staged sequence on a train track, during which four of the main characters battle through jammed seatbelts to evade a speeding locomotive, and, in their eyes, alter Death’s plan.

However, an unseen piece of shrapnel feels the track’s evil vibrations and makes a beeline for Scott’s mouth, slicing everything above the upper lip clean off. Stifler would probably say, “That’s some good head!”