1. From Pigeons To Crushing Plate Glass

Movie: Final Destination 2 (2003)
There’s hardly a better setting for a complicated Final Destination death scene than a dentist’s office. Inherently scary, a tooth doctor’s chambers is an inescapable house of horrors for people who hates drills, bubblegum-flavored fluoride, mini chisels. And in Final Destination 2, teenaged Tim (James Kirk) inadvertently thwarts Death’s unsuccessful attempts to use the dentist’s lair as a place of final breaths. Unfortunately, he’s too immature to avoid the Grim One’s last-ditch effort.

As Tim and his mom exit the building, two of the other “survivors” yell at them, trying to warn the mother/son pair that Tim’s next on the fatal menu. But idiotic Tim is too preoccupied with a small army of pigeons to heed their calls, leading to an enormous plate of glass slipping from a construction worker’s control and flattening Timmy an ant under a Timberland boot.

You might ask, “Wouldn’t his head just crash through the glass?” Probably, but who cares—shamelessly gory movie deaths don’t get much more satisfying than that.

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