9. The Flying Rock

Movie: The Final Destination (2009)
The death of negligent mother Samantha in the fourth installment, 2009’s The Final Destination, is one of the series’ most tragic. Why’s that? Because Krista Allen, who plays the doomed mother of two soccer-playing youths, is incredibly hot, arguably the franchise’s sexiest participant. But we digress.

Allen’s final chapter begins with her kids trying to hit a sign with rocks while she gets her hair done inside a salon. The boys miss, leaving one pebble on the ground for the director’s camera to ogle—take a guess on whether we’ll see it again or not. By The Final Destination, the filmmakers tossed all plausibility to the side, and Allen’s big scene is sufficiently absurd evidence. It’s an exercise in goofy false starts, though the payoff is quite gnarly in its simplicity.

First, a shoddy chair almost causes the MILF’s barber to cut through her face with scissors; then, the ceiling fan topples down inches in front of her. Taking a massive sigh of relief, Samantha finishes her beautification, pays at the register, and stands in the open doorway and yells at her kids. Which leaves plenty of room for that rock to have an encore—right through Sam’s eyeball. In a series that relishes in over-the-top kills, a basic rock-through-the-pupil maneuver feels refreshingly austere.