10. The Fire Escape Folly

Movie: Final Destination 2 (2003)
The first Final Destination, for all intents and purposes, takes itself quite seriously, working through its elaborate death sequences with a sinister, nearly humorless tone. Once it came time for a sequel, though, those involved with Final Destination 2 embraced the concept’s ridiculousness full-steam-ahead; the result, widely considered to be the franchise’s best entry, is a self-aware romp that opens with a staggering highway pile-up and heads straight into darkly comedic deaths.

After the perquisite “imaginary massacre,” the first legitimate corpse is Evan (David Paetkau), a faux badass who owns a Harley and pierces his nipples; yeah, it’s a joy watching him perish. And it all begins with spilled olive oil and a faulty sink’s drain. Nearly burnt alive, Evan makes use of his apartment building’s fire escape, which, of course, malfunctions, sending him to the ground in a flash…right behind the Asian noodles he tossed out the window earlier, which he slips over, giving the fire ladder a direct route to his right eye. We’re sure you can figure out the rest.