6. The (Convoluted) Exploding House

Movie: Final Destination (2000)
Except for attractive teacher Mrs. Lewton’s extravagant sendoff, all of the unprovoked homicides in 2000’s Final Destination are relatively quick and basic. For the authority figure’s last hurrah, screenwriters Glen Morgan, James Wong, and Jeffrey Reddick hatched a multi-step death that prefaced the increasingly overwrought sequences of later sequels.

Clearly, Mrs. Lewton isn’t a science teacher; her end begins with the aloof woman’s decision to pour cold vodka into a hot mug, causing the mug to crack. The vodka steadily drips out, leaving pellets on the floor and sending droplets into a computer’s monitor, the explosion of which sends a glass shard into Lewton’s throat. She stumbles into the kitchen, where the streaming vodka puddle ignites the stove; on the ground after a vodka bottle hurls her way, Lewton grabs for a towel but instead knocks a knife holder over. And, yes, she’s still alive at this point.

But not for long. Once the stove goes boom, a chair crashes onto the knife lodged in her chest. The lesson here: Coffee mugs are for coffee, not alcohol.