8. The Unexpected Bus

Movie: Final Destination (2000)
Though 2000’s game-starter Final Destination is the darkest of the lot, it’s not without its wink-wink moments. The flick’s one real “Oh shit!” moments comes at the end of a highly annoying monologue from Terry (Amanda Detmer), the cute arm candy claimed by brooding tough guy Carter (Kerr Smith). It’s one of those speeches every audience members wants to give whenever a movie’s characters bitch and moan to no end, only Terry’s pleading is more obnoxious than the whining she’s retaliating against.

As she slowly inches into the busy road, still yapping away, it’s obvious that she’s not standing in automobiles’ line of movement for any reason other than to grant the filmmakers the chance to send her off in grand fashion. And that they most certainly do—she’s plowed by a bus that’s doing no less than 150 miles per hour. It’s telegraphed, sure, but it also achieves maximum impact thanks to its somewhat realistic look and the gaping expressions of everyone else in sight.