Give the creators of the carnage-loaded 2000 hit Final Destination some credit: They dreamed up the ultimate horror movie villain. Unlike slashers such as Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, who could ideally be blown up or sliced into pieces (the key word being “ideally”), the antagonist in the irrepressible Final Destination series literally can’t be stopped, and that’s because it’s Death. Cleverly, though, the filmmakers never give the Grim Reaper any sort of physical form; it’s simply an unseen, destructive force that always manages to kill its prey. And what does that mean? Endless sequel potential.

As the Final Destination tradition goes, Death—such a character in these movies that it deserves to be a pronoun—systematically offs survivors of a full-scale disaster, lucky bastards dissuaded away from the homicidal master plan by a suddenly clairvoyant lead character. The soon-to-be cadavers in past entries have avoided, in chronological order, an airplane explosion, a highway automobile pileup, a defective rollercoaster, and a multi-car accident on a racetrack that turns the bleachers into a collection of severed limbs.

The latest sequel, Final Destination 5, follows a similar pattern, only this time the protagonists sidestep a collapsing suspension bridge. And then it’s a succession of crowd-pleasing slaughter that includes laser eye surgery and acupuncture. Will Final Destination 5’s money-shots best those of its predecessors? We’ll find out this weekend—don’t act like you’re not as shamefully excited as we are to see it. Until then, though, let’s see what the fifth one’s up against by counting down the 10 Best Final Destination Death Scenes.