As the saying goes, "Mo' money, mo' problems," and AMC's Breaking Bad is no exception to the rule. The award-winning network, its show, and Sony Television are engaged in "tense negotiations" involving the Bryan Cranston-starring drama. Reportedly, after trying to convince the makers of the show that season five should run only six to eight episodes, instead of thirteen, the creative forces decided to approach other cable outlets in hopes of possibly finding a new home.

Breaking Bad isn't the only show that AMC is looking to trim costs on. The Walking Dead is having its per-episode budget cut by about $250,000, which is probably why show-runner Frank Darabont left. The push to lower the price tag on the two shows comes as the network's signature hit Mad Men is expected to go up a notch. Series creator Matt Weiner earned a major new deal to stay on-board with the period drama for at least two new seasons.

Does the drama involving the Emmy Award winning drama spell the end of the show as we know it? Speak on it in the comments section below.

[via LA Times]