Tasha Reign says: She's an adult actress. She's tall and thin and looks more like a mainstream model. I think she actually just got boobs, so maybe she's more curvy-looking. She's really hot. I went on my first expo with her in Mexico. It's where we sign at a convention. She's a real trooper. She likes to go to these crazy locations like Costa Rica or all these different places and she can totally rough it. I think that's really cool because I'm not really down. I'm like, "OK, that was my last trip out of this country for a convention." [Laughs.]

I've done a couple scenes with her. I've done a scene for Penthouse with her. Penthouse is one of my favorite companies so obviously I liked that. Our theme was really funny. It was about stealing sperm from a sperm agency and it was really comical. It was a really sexy girl-girl scene. The director was a girl and she's a hardcore lesbian and she really wanted that to come across in the film. So, we worked really hard at that. And, I had a shoot with her for both of our websites for a content shoot and we got to theme it ourselves. Not gonna lie, I took over and made everything really girly -- lots of cupcakes, pink, tube socks, full-blown girly girl slumber party style. At first, I don't know if she was having it, but after we had sex, she was into it. [Laughs.]