The GamesCon trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken will leave you dizzy with information overload.  Many moves are demonstrated, but the focus appears to be on the flashy tag team combinations.  Switch cancel, launchers, cross rush and cross arts are among the highlights, but it’s the cross assault that steals the show with Kazuya getting caught between a barrage of Ryu and Ken’s hadouken.  The trailer ends by showcasing the talents of several recently revealed combatants: Hugo, Poison, Raven, Yoshimitsu, Ibuki and Kuma the bear!  Kuma’s super is perhaps the most ridiculously awesome move ever to be in a fighting game:  Poor Guile gets his face caught between the hairy cheeks of Kuma’s bear ass (or is it bare ass?) and then he is unceremoniously expelled like last night’s dinner. You have to see it to believe it.  [via Andriasang]