In a move that would have seemed nearly illogical a mere month ago, Sony Pictures is apparently moving ahead with a sequel to The Smurfs, set for August 2, 2013, according to according to Deadline.

While critics may have savaged almost every aspect of the film, that didn't stop audiences from making Smurfs one of this summer's biggest sleeper hits; the little blue dudes even beat out the much more expensive and star-studded Cowboys & Aliens at the box office. The last time something so small and blue made people so happy, it had to be prescribed by a doctor. 

Is this an example of the movie critic community being too hard on a film that was never expected to be the next Godfather, or is it a sign that audiences simply found the Smurfs more entertaining than yet another comic book movie? Sony doesn't care either way, because, for them, seeing blue means a whole lot of green. 

[Via Deadline]