Looks like Cole McGrath and Sly Cooper can call Crash Bandicoot and Solid Snake neighbors. Sucker Punch, the Bellevue, Washington-based developer responsible for the wildly popular inFamous series, was recently purchased for an undisclosed sum by Sony. PlayStation Blog writer Scott Rohde hinted that the gaming goliath swooped in to prevent Sucker Punch from falling into the hands of someone else.

Formed by ex-Microsoft employees in 1997, the studio have went on to only create titles on Sony platforms. Brian Fleming, Sucker Punch Managing Partner, hints that "the relationship with SCE has provided us the flexibility and trust to take creative risks and invent new properties." inFamous 2 was one of the top selling games in June and while Sucker Punch's next project has not been announced, it could be looking to get into the first-person shooter business. How so? Former Halo designer Jaime Griesemer just joined the studio. Watch out Microsoft!

[via MSNBC]