After nine months of investigating a drive-thru espresso stand in Seattle accused of operating as a fully-nude strip club, the police have released this video of the "hot" and "steamy" action at Java Juggs

The grainy footage shows an older dude leaning out of his car to vigorously rub the ass of a barista. She pulls no shots of espresso, though she does motorboat the driver. He places an unknown sum of money in her cleavage; she smiles a lot, and occasionally moves her breasts around with her hands.

She's clothed the entire time, leading us to believe that the only real outcome of this video is that the dude in the ball cap will be sufficiently shamed into either going to a real strip club (might we suggest this one?), or putting internet porn to more active use.

And really, where's the coffee amidst all of this? Does anyone get java at Java Juggs (11701 Evergreen Way, Everett, Wash.)?

[via Seattle Weekly]