The non-profit organization BAD RAP (Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls) is devoted to debunking common myths about pit bulls being dangerous. One such "monster myth," according to the website? That "pit bulls turn on their owners."

Now it looks like BAD RAP may never take down this widely-held myth. In a sadly ironic twist, Darla Napora, a 32-year-old pregnant woman from Pacifica, California and active member of BAD RAP was viciously and fatally attacked by her pit bull Gunner last Thursday. 

When Greg Napora left his pregnant wife sleeping in bed on the morning of August 11th, the couple's two dogs, Gunner and Tazi, were safely secured in the back yard. But, the two-year-old pit bull Gunner (who FYI, was unneutered) apparently got loose, and when Greg returned, he found his wife covered in blood, with the dog hovering over her lifeless body. Gunner, who escaped from the backyard and appeared to instigate the police who later arrrived the scene, was shot and killed.

The unexpected twist? Even after Gunner killed his wife and unborn child, Greg Napora says he intends to bury his wife with the dog's ashes.

[via San Francisco Chronicle and True Crime Report]