If there was anyone who ‘80s babies wanted to be growing up, it was Zack Morris. Right? He had the cool cell phone, was the most popular kid at Bayside High, and could even freeze time and breakthrough the fourth wall. Unfortunately, the success of the show didn't translate into a Saved By The Bell video game for Nintendo or Sega. Thanks to YouTube, though, our wounds are able to be healed courtesy of The Fine Brothers.

Benny and Rafi Fine create and direct this hilariously interactive game, which finds you, the viewer, helping Zack solve the problems of his screen-teen comrades, Kelly Kapowski, Jesse, and Screech. Our advice: Take a ride down Kelly's street and see how zit cream, subliminal messages, and the usage of "time out" can help in a battle with that nefarious girlfriend-stealer Jeff Hunter.

[via The Fine Brothers]